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Check out some of the reasons why Potrero Post is the best in the Bay Area!

Avid Pro Tools Logo

Pro Tools and Ableton

For all of our editing needs, we use the industry standard editor, Pro Tools.

Universal Audio Logo

Top of the Line Equipment

Universal Audio creates top of the line hardware and software for all aspects of the production process. We proudly use UA and many other fantastic hardware and software in all of our work.

iZotope Logo

Dialogue Cleanup

We use C-Suite and iZotope's incredible line of dialogue cleanup software to turn poorly recorded audio into useable, clean assets.

Shoes lined up, ready for Foley

Foley Stage

With our foley stage, we can create effects that bring life to your films. 

Main Recording stage

Live Streaming Stage

Our live stage is the ultimate way to record and stream live performances across the internet.

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